Marketing Automation & CRM

It’s time to let automation and integration lend you a helping hand.
All in Integration!
“Say goodbye to repetitive, manual processes and hello to more time to focus on what truly matters – growing and expanding your business. Don’t let time slip through your fingers, let technology work for you and see the difference it can make.”
Make also known as “Integromat”
Make is hands down one of the most useful tools in my arsenal. Whether you’re a developer or not, this platform connects everything together to help automate processes and streamline tasks. One of my favorite features is the ability to reduce manual data entry, which saves a ton of time and minimizes human error.

With Make, you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple platforms or spending countless hours doing repetitive tasks. Instead, you can focus on the big picture and let Make do the heavy lifting. Overall, I highly recommend Make to anyone looking to boost their productivity and efficiency.
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CRM Management & Automation
Have you heard of the magic trio? No, it’s not Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It’s integrating your website with Integromat and GHL. Seriously, it’s a match made in tech heaven. You can connect your website to GHL’s payment system seamlessly with Integromat’s automation. Say goodbye to manual order processing and hello to more time for Netflix binges.

Plus, it’s the perfect combination for small businesses looking to streamline their operations without breaking the bank. Trust us, your inner Hermione will thank you for this tech hack.
High-level Agency and Sub-Account Management
Handle marketing seamlessly with multiple clients. As a specialist I’ve managed multiple accounts.
Extensive Workflow Automation
This Automation covers the company’s process in marketing. I created custom fields and attached a trigger which executes the leads next steps.
Email Templating
Built creative emails to attract leads and engage.
Funnel Development
Funnel Creative
Design and create engaging funnels to reach out more clients and set up a rapport.
FB Management & Pixel Tracking
Install pixel tracking to utilize your FB ad audience.
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